514 old 3 proteins 3 made up of c h o n and s building

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Unformatted text preview: nent of membranes Fig. 5.10a Triglyceride Fig. 5.10b Fig. 5.12 (old text) This is a phospholipid! Fig. 5.12 new text Fig. 5.14 (old) 3. PROTEINS 3. •Made up of C, H, O, N and S •Building blocks are amino acids Proteins have an incredibly wide Proteins Variety of functions Variety •Functions: Structural, catalysis, Functions: movement, _________________! _________________! 20 Different Amino Acids Can Be Found in Proteins Found Classes of Amino Acids (Table 5.15) Nonpolar (9 amino acids) Polar (6 amino acids) Electrically Charged acidic (2 amino acids) basic (3 amino acids) amino carboxyl carboxyl variable side chain Fig. 5.16 Formation of Polypeptides Formation Bond forms between carbox...
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