55 carbohydrate functions 1 energy storage

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Unformatted text preview: gar) (malt Formation of Disaccharides Formation Fig. 5.5 Carbohydrate functions: 1. Energy Storage polysaccharides 1. •Starch – mostly plant cells •Glycogen - animals 2. Mobile energy molecules •Glucose – __________________ •sucrose – plant mobile sugar 3. Structural molecules •Cellulose – plant cell walls •Chitin – fungal cells wall, insect and arachnid exoskeletons and Polysaccharides – Sugar polymers of monosaccharides (100’’s to 1000’s of monomers joined (100 s by glycosidic bonds) by 1. Storage polysaccharides •Starch – 1-4 linkage of alpha glucose Amylose – unbranched polymer Amylopectin –branched polymer STARCH IS A MAJOR STORAGE STARCH MOLECULE IN _________ MOLECULE •Glycogen – like amylopectin but Glycogen more highly branch...
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