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Structural polysaccharides cellulose 1 4 linkage of

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Unformatted text preview: ed more GLYCOGEN IS A STORAGE GLYCOGEN MOLECULE IN VERTEBRATES (abundant in liver and muscle cells) (abundant 2. Structural polysaccharides •Cellulose – 1-4 linkage of beta Cellulose glucose, generally unbranched glucose, MAJOR STRUCTURAL COMPONENT MAJOR OF PLANT CELL WALLS OF Glucose can be an alpha or beta ring Fig. 5.7a Glucose linkage – different properties Fig. 5.7 Figure 5.9 2. LIPIDS 2. •Made up of C, H, and O •Building blocks are glycerol and Building fatty acids fatty •Classified as triglycerides, Classified triglycerides diglycerides (Phospholipids) diglycerides •Functions: ____________, Functions: Main compo...
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