Trioses c3h6o3 glyceraldehyde dihydroxyacetone 2

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Unformatted text preview: CH2O)n Monosaccharides 1. Trioses C3H6O3 •glyceraldehyde •dihydroxyacetone 2. Pentoses C5H10O5 •_______ •ribulose 3. Hexoses C6H12O6 •glucose •galactose •fructose Fig. 5.3 In solution, carbohydrates normally form ring structures (example, glucose) ring Fig. 5.4a Abbreviated ring formulae omit ring Abbreviated carbons carbons Disaccharides – Two monosaccharides joined by a glycosidic bond (formed by hydrolysis) glycosidic Important Disacchrides: •Sucrose = glucose + fructose Sucrose (table sugar, transported in plants) (table •Lactose = ______ + _______ Lactose (milk sugar) (milk •Maltose = glucose + glucose Maltose (malt su...
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