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Core competencies w orkforce facilities m arket and

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Unformatted text preview: (product m ix, and m aintenance.)Competitiveness – how effectively organization m eets w ants and needs of customers relative to others offering similar goods/services. Common cause – variation that is random, unidentifiable and unavoidable, inherent and can be eliminated only through improvements in the system.Core competencies – w orkforce, facilities, m arket and financial know how, systems and technology.Core Process – set of activities that delivers value to external customers. Corporate Strategy – m onitor and adjusting changes, identifying and developing firms core competencies, develop firms core process, develop firms global strategies. Critical Path – sequence of activities between a start and finish that takes the longest time to complete. Customer Relationship – top quality, consistent, delivery speed, variety. Evolution of OPM – industrial, scientific, HR, decision m odels, Jap. M anufactures (JIT), supply chain. Diseconomies of Scale – if output rate is m ore than the optimal level, increasing the output rate results in increasing average per unit costs – complexity, loss of focus, inefficiencies. External failure costs – w hen defect discovered after customer receives it.Input M easures – usual choice for flexible, high variety, low volume m anufacting flow, and service processes – hospital, restaurant, airplane. Internal failure costs – result from defects that are discovered during the production of a product or service. Rework m ust be performed again or scrap w hich is unfit for further processing.Resources used to produce products/services – natural, human resources, capital, entrepreneurship. M anagement – m atching supply w ith demand. Finance, m arketing, Operations. New Service Development – dev. Speed, customization, top quality. Order qualifiers – m inimum level required from criteria for firm to do bus...
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