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little miss sunshine

little miss sunshine - The Hoovers may not be the most...

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The Hoovers may not be the most troubled family in Albuquerque, N.M., but they are surely one of the most uniquely troubled (Williams). Upon viewing the film’s cast of eccentric characters, gathered around the dinner table to enjoy a delectable meal consisting of fried chicken, a salad and Sprite, the abnormality is immediately obvious, or is it? The dynamic of all the characters seems to clash against each other, and one is left thanking God that they are not sitting at the table with them every night for dinner, but that mindset exists only as a first impression. After watching the movies’ plot unfold and the crazy adventure comes to fruition, we find that what makes this family seem abnormal at first is not too far off from how we live our lives today. Every person can relate to at least one of the characters or the family as a whole. By the end of the film we find that this film is an accurate portrayal of the abnormality that has become the new norm of today’s day and age.
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