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1 dangerousanddevilish

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Unformatted text preview: duced inhibitions .05% Dashing and Debonair Impaired judgment, still feel good .1% Dangerous and Devilish Less caution, impaired motor function .2% Dizzy and Disturbing Large increase RT; clear intoxication .25% Disgusting and Dishelved Severe motor impairment .3% Delirious and Disoriented Stuporous but conscious .35% Dead Drunk Equivalent to surgical anethesia .6% Dead Substance Disorders Substance Disorders Substance Intoxication behavioral and psychological changes due to the ingestion of a substance Substance Withdrawal behavioral and psychological changes due to cessation of use of a substance Causes significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other areas of functioning Substance Disorders Substance Disorders Substance Abuse Maladaptive pattern of use leading to significant impairment and distress Failure to meet obligations Use in hazardous situations Legal Problems Continued use despite interpersonal or other problems Substance Disorders Substance Disorders Substance Dependence (3+) Physiological dependence plus repeated problems Tolerance Withdrawal Use of > quantity or time than intended Desire or attempts to stop Time spent getting/recovering from use Use despite physical or psychological problems Give up or reduce important activities College Drinking College Dr...
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