An error pattern is undetected if and only if the

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Unformatted text preview: act solution for large networks is probably not feasible. 2.12. RELIABILITY 65 Figure 2.13: Two s − t flow networks. For simplicity we have chosen to work with undirected links, and we assume that the flow can be in either direction on a link, up to the total capacity of the link. We assume that flow can be split among multiple paths. The capacity of an s − t flow network is the maximum flow rate from s to t. The capacity is random because of the possible link failures. We will compute the pmf of the capacity of each of the two networks. We begin with Network F . If both of the links are working, then the capacity is 30, because the top link can carry flow at rate 20 and the bottom link can carry flow at rate 10. If link 2 fails and link 1 does not, then the total maximum flow rate is 10. By considering all four network states, we arrive at the following expression for the pmf of X , the capacity of Network F : pX (0) = p1 p2 pX (10) = q1 p2 pX (20) = p1 q2 pX (30) = q1 q2 . Let Y denote the capacit...
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