Find the numerical value of p x 10 3 or nearly

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Unformatted text preview: he distribution of the standardized random variable XσX X . Solution The mean, µX , is the midpoint of the interval [a, b], and the standard deviation is b √ σX = (2−a) . The pdf for X − µX is obtained by shifting the pdf of X to be centered at zero. 3 Thus, X − µX is uniformly distributed over the interval [− b−a , b−a ]. When this random variable is 2 2 divided by σX , the resulting pdf is shrunk horizontally by the factor σX . This results in a uniform √√ b−a b−a distribution over the interval [− 2σX , 2σX ] = [− 3, 3]. This makes sense, because the uniform √√ distribution over the interval [− 3, 3] is the unique uniform distribution with mean zero and variance one. 3.6. LINEAR SCALING OF PDFS AND THE GAUSSIAN DISTRIBUTION 3.6.2 89 The Gaussian (normal) distribution The Gaussian distribution, also known as the normal distribution, has the pdf 1 ( u − µ) 2 f (u) = √ exp − 2σ 2 2πσ 2 , where the parameters are µ and σ 2 . The distribution is often denoted by “N (µ, σ 2 )...
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