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Unformatted text preview: 905) ≈ 0.0567. The Gaussian approximation in this case is fairly accurate: numerical calculation, using the binomial distribution, yields that P {|X − 50| ≥ 6} ≈ 0.0540. (c) The Chebychev inequality implies that P {|X − 50| ≥ 6} ≤ times larger than the value found in part (b). 2 σX 36 = 0.231, which is about four Example 3.6.10 A campus network engineer would like to estimate the fraction p of packets going over the fiber optic link from the campus network to Bardeen Hall that are digital video disk (DVD) packets. The engineer writes a script to examine n packets, counts the number X that are DVD packets, and uses p = X to estimate p. The inspected packets are separated by hundreds of ˆ n other packets, so it is reasonable to assume that each packet is a DVD packet with probability p, independently of the other packets. (a) Using the Gaussian approximation to the binomial distribution, find an approximation to P {|p − p| ≤ δ } as a function of p, n, and δ. Evaluate it for p = 0.5 and for p...
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