Management must decide the number of sta and the mix

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Unformatted text preview: umber of staff and the mix of expertise so as to meet availability and waiting time targets. A similar problem is faced by large consulting service companies, hiring consultants that can be grouped into multiple overlapping teams for different projects. The basic problem is to weigh future uncertain demand against staffing costs. • Electronic circuits: Scaling down the power and energy of electronic circuits reduces the reliability and predictability of many individual elements, but the circuits must nevertheless be engineered so the overall circuit is reliable. • Wireless communication: Wireless links are subject to fading, interference from other transmitters, doppler spread due to mobility and multipath propagation. The demand, such as the number of simultaneous users of a particular access point or base station, is also time varying and not fully known in advance. These and other effects can vary greatly with time and location, but yet the wireless system must be engineered to meet acceptable call quality and access probabilities. • Medica...
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