Medical diagnosis and treatment physicians and

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Unformatted text preview: l diagnosis and treatment: Physicians and pharmacologists must estimate the most suitable treatments for patients in the face of uncertainty about the exact condition of the patient or the effectiveness of the various treatment options. • Spread of infectious diseases: Centers for disease control need to decide whether to institute massive vaccination or other preventative measures in the face of globally threatening, possibly mutating diseases in humans and animals. 3 4 CHAPTER 1. FOUNDATIONS • Information system reliability and security: System designers must weigh the costs and benefits of measures for reliability and security, such as levels of backups and firewalls, in the face of uncertainty about threats from equipment failures or malicious attackers. • Evaluation of financial instruments, portfolio management: Investors and portfolio managers form portfolios and devise and evaluate financial instruments, such as mortgage backed securities and derivatives, to assess risk and payoff in an uncertain fi...
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