Parameter estimation and binary hypothesis testing

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Unformatted text preview: is testing are covered for continuous-type random variables in this chapter in close analogy to how they are covered for discrete-type random variables in Chapter 2. Chapter 4 considers groups of random variables, with an emphasis on two random variables. Topics include describing the joint distribution of two random variables, covariance and correlation coefficient, and prediction or estimation of one random variable given observation of another. Somewhat more advanced notions from calculus come in here, in order to deal with joint probability densities, entailing, for example, integration over regions in two dimensions. A brief wrap up is given in Chapter 5. 2 CONTENTS Chapter 1 Foundations 1.1 Embracing uncertainty We survive and thrive in an uncertain world. What are some uses of probability in everyday life? In engineering? Below is an incomplete list: • Call centers and other staffing problems: Experts with different backgrounds are needed to staff telephone call centers for major financial investment companies, travel reservation services, and consumer product support. Management must decide the n...
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