So e y x u is a deterministic function of u to

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Unformatted text preview: . The strength of the dependence is sometimes of primary importance. For example, researchers in medicine are often interested in the correlation between some behavior and some aspect of health, such as between smoking and heart attacks. Sometimes one random variable is observed and we wish to estimate another. For example, we may be interested in predicting the performance of a financial market based on observation of an employment statistic. Some questions that arise in this context are the following: What does it mean for a predictor or estimator to be the best? What do we need to know to compute an estimator? What computations are required and how complex are they? What if we restrict attention to linear estimators? Is there a generalization of the Gaussian distribution, central limit theorem and Gaussian approximation for multiple dependent random variables? 4.1 Joint cumulative distribution functions Recall that any random variable has a CDF, but pmfs (for discrete-type random variab...
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