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Unformatted text preview: distribution,” which is read aloud as “the normal µ, σ 2 distribution.” Later in this section it is shown that the pdf integrates to one, the mean is µ, and the variance is σ 2 . The pdf is pictured in Figure 3.10. The " 1 2! " 68.3% " 13.6% 2.3% µ Figure 3.10: The Gaussian (or normal) pdf parameter µ is sometimes called the location parameter, because the pdf is symmetric around the value µ. The effect of replacing µ by µ + 3, for example, would be to slide the pdf to the right by three units. The parameter σ is sometimes called the scale parameter. As indicated in the figure, the width of the graph of the pdf is proportional to σ. For example, about 68.3% of the probability mass is in the interval [µ − σ, µ + σ ] and roughly 95% (more precisely, 95.44%) of the distribution is in the interval [µ − 2σ, µ + 2σ ]. The peak height of the pdf is √ 1 2 . The height is inversely 2πσ proportional to σ as expected, so for small σ the graph is tall and narrow, and for large σ it is short and spread out, but for all σ the area under the pdf is one. The standard normal distribution is the normal dis...
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