The idea is that all 64 bits should be stored or

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Unformatted text preview: the network fails. The probability of this state is q1 p2 p3 q4 . For given numerical values of p1 through p4 , numerical values can be computed for the last column of the table, and the sum of those values is P (F ). 2.12.3 Distribution of the capacity of a flow network An s − t flow network is an s − t network such that each link has a capacity. Two s − t flow networks are shown in Figure 2.13. We assume as before that each link i fails with probability pi . If a link fails, it cannot carry any flow. If a link does not fail, it can carry flow at a rate up to the link capacity. Link capacities and flows are given in units of some quantity per unit time. For example, the units could be gallons per minute (for an irrigation system), packets per second (for a communication network), or vehicles per hour (for a highway transportation system). 3 From a computational complexity point of view, the problem of computing the outage probability, also called the reliability problem, has been shown to be P -space complete, meaning ex...
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