Then e y x u is the mean of the conditional density fy

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Unformatted text preview: hen: lim P n→∞ Sn − nµ √ ≤c nσ 2 = Φ(c). The practical implication of the central limit theorem is the same as that of the DeMoivre-Laplace limit theorem. That is, the CLT gives evidence that the Gaussian approximation, discussed in Section 3.6.3, is a good one, for sums of independent, identically distributed random variables. Figure 4.23 illustrates the CLT for the case the Xk ’s are uniformly distributed on the interval [0, 1]. The approximation in this case is so good that some simulation programs generate Gaussian random variables by generating six uniformly distributed random variables and adding them together to produce one approximately Gaussian random variable. Example 4.9.5 Let S denote the sum of the numbers showing in 1000 rolls of a fair die. By the law of large numbers, S is close to 3500 with high probability. Find the number L so that P {|S − 3500| ≤ L} ≈ 0.9. To be definite, use the continuity correction. 160 CHAPTER 4. JOINTLY DISTRIBUTED RANDOM VARIABLES Figure 4.23: Comparison of the pdf of Sn to the Gaussian pdf with the same mean an...
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