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Unformatted text preview: s goes down is about 500 days. Given that one machine goes down, the probability the other machine goes down within the five day repair time is about 5/1000=1/200. That is, the number of repair cycles until a double outage occurs has a geometric distribution with parameter about 1/200, so on average, we’ll have to wait for 200 cycles, each averaging about 500 days. Therefore, the mean total waiting time until double outage is about 500 × 200 = 100, 000 days, or approximately 274 years. Chapter 3 Continuous-type random variables Chapter 2 dealt largely with discrete-type random variables, and finite collections of events. Much of this chapter will involve continuous-type random variables, which have distributions described by density functions, rather than by mass functions. The relationship of mass functions to density functions is analogous to the relationship of peanuts to peanut butter. Whereas peanuts have mass in discrete quantities, peanut butter has similar mass that can be spread out. A general, although somewhat complicated, way to describe the distribution of any...
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