E that is because is an event by axiom e1 so c is an

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Unformatted text preview: ents has other intuitively reasonable properties, and we list some of them below. We number these properties starting at 4, because the list is a continuation of the three axioms, but we use the lower case letter “e” to label them, reserving the upper case letter “E” for the axioms.2 Property e.4 The empty set, ∅, is an event (i.e. ∅ ∈ Ω). That is because Ω is an event by Axiom E.1, so Ωc is an event by Axiom E.2. But Ωc = ∅, so ∅ is an event. Property e.5 If A and B are events, then AB is an event. To see this, start with De Morgan’s law: AB = (Ac ∪ B c )c . By Axiom E.2, Ac and B c are events. So by Axiom E.3, Ac ∪ B c is an event. So by Axiom E.2 a second time, (Ac ∪ B c )c is an event, which is just AB. Property e.6 More generally, if B1 , B2 , . . . is a list of events then the intersection of all of these events (the set of outcomes in all of them) B1 B2 · · · is also an event. This is true by the same c c reason given for Property e.5, starting with the fact B1 B2 · · · = (B1 ∪...
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