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Technical writing intro notes revAug13

This ability to translate technical data to a lay

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Unformatted text preview: nication? Regardless of your area of interest or expertise, you will have to communicate frequently, often in writing and often technical information. Learning and practicing the basic (and not- so- basic) technical- writing skills covered in this course will mean that you are likely to communicate better and more effectively in any technically- oriented professional job (which, if you regard the definition of technical given prior, is pretty much any job). They are skills that can be applied to your other academic work, projects, and your current and prospective career. Perhaps you may even be inspired to become a professional technical writer, which is an expanding and potentially lucrative career in Barbados. What can you expect in this course? You will be introduced in this course to the most important elements of communicating in the world of business, science and technology – that is, writing for the ‘real world’ of work. You will be writing and speaking about the area of technical specialization you are l...
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