Technical writing intro notes revAug13

You will be introduced in this course to the most

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Unformatted text preview: earning about, interested in or already know and doing so in language that anyone can understand. The primary focus will be the technical report, due at semester’s end, which focuses on problem- solving. Most, though not all, of the other tasks, activities and assignments throughout the course will be aimed at developing the skills needed to produce that report. You will start with smaller writing tasks, for example, a resume and application letter, then short technical papers to get used to using technical writing elements like headings, lists and graphics, and then build to more and more complex and involved tasks. This course targets a specific kind of writing and as such, assumes you possess necessary proficiency with basic language skills of Standard English grammar, syntax and vocabulary. So, even though CXC English or CAPE Communications or whatever your last English course was seems so far away, you need to brush away the cobwebs because this course will NOT teach you about parts of speech, spelling or grammar. There is t...
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