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Franchise Opportunity
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Baskin-Robbins Products ~ Ice Cream Permanent Flavors Gold Medal Ribbon® Vanilla and chocolate ice creams with a caramel ribbon World Class® Chocolate White chocolate mousse ice cream swirled with milk chocolate ice cream Flavor Fanatics Apple Pie a la Mode Real apples, crunchy pie crust, caramel cinnamon crème ribbon and vanilla ice cream. Tastes like homemade Triple Play Popcorn, peanuts and pretzels load a caramel ice cream base. Best if completed unassisted Seasonal Flavors Baseball Nut™ Vanilla ice cream swirled with black raspberry ribbon and loaded with cashews No Sugar Added & Lowfat Chocolate Chocolate Chip Lowfat chocolate ice cream with rich chocolate chunks Espresso 'N Cream Lowfat Ice Cream Jamoca® and vanilla ice creams sprinkled with chocolate flakes Regional Flavors Chocolate Mousse Royale® Milk chocolate mousse ice cream with chocolate flakes Banana Nut Nutty combination of banana ice cream and walnuts Yoghurt Gone Crazy (Lowfat) Raspberry Cheese Louise Lowfat cheesecake yogurt with raspberry cheesecake pieces and graham cracker bits swirled with a raspberry ribbon
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