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I had to volunteer every wednesday for the entire

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Unformatted text preview: d tutor underprivileged, junior-high students. I had to volunteer every Wednesday for the entire Fall semester of 2012. Though the cost may have appeared high (investing a lot of time volunteering), I definitely maximized my benefits while working at the Homework House. Though I enjoyed my time working with the children, my initial intentions of working with the nonprofit were to receive Ministry and Service Credit to graduate. However, there have been moments where I was motivated by purely altruistic reasons. The book describes people who are selfless and caring in nature to have a altruistic personality, which is the “qualities that cause an individual to help others in a wide variety of situations” (Aronson, et al, 308). There have been moments where I have come across someone who is hungry and asking me for food or money, and I accommodated to their needs. One specific time in Pasadena, while I was eating lunch with friends, a homeless man walked up to me and asked for food. The cost of helping was high: I would have to spend money and I would have to spend time away from...
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