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The introduction is not labeled q there are no extra

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Unformatted text preview: in upper and lower case letters followed by the abbreviated title (no more than 50 characters counting spaces) in all capital letters. Ex. Running head: ART EDUCATION. (APA, p. 229; p. 41, Figure 2.3) Note: The words “Running head:” are not included on the following pages, but the actual running head in all capital letters should be included on all following pages. Ex. ART EDUCATION q༇ Page number should be inserted on the far right of the header. q༇ Title page has the entire title of paper centered (upper and lower case letters) halfway down the page. The recommended length of the title is no more than 12 words. Below paper title insert: 1) name, 2) college. Double- spaced only. (APA, p. 23, 2.01,) BEGINNING BODY OF PAPER q༇ Title...
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