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The words running head without quotes are in upper

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Unformatted text preview: e were three schools that participated in the study. (Numbers under ten). There were 11 schools that participated in the study. (Numbers over ten). An exception to this rule is numbers that represent time, dates, ages and numbers in specific parts of manuscript (e.g. tables, pages). q༇ Use Spell (S) and Grammar Check (GC). Proof read, as S and GC do not catch all errors. (APA, p. 230) q༇ The writing is clearly my own and other’s ideas are properly cited. Plagiarism (APA, p. 15- 16, 1.10; p. 270, 6.01) q༇ Paper is stapled (no clips, folders, not loose). APA checklist is attached. TITLE PAGE (See Example) (APA, p. 41, Figure 2.3) q༇ In upper left- hand corner of the page header insert the Running head in the header. The words “Running head:” (without quotes) are...
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