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To provide a more clear description of empathy

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Unformatted text preview: o gain. To provide a more clear description of Empathy-Altruism Experience, the book shares an experiment conducted by C. Daniel Batson and other individuals to test people’s motives. He basically has a students listen to a tape of a female student describing how a car accident had affected her physically and academically, and then expressed the difficulty she would experience academically. So the purpose of this study was to look at the conditions under which people agreed to help, and so the researchers pitted two motives against each other: self-interest and empathy (Batson p.307). Half participants were placed in a high-empathy condition, where they were to imagine, and basically empathize with the injured student. The other half of the participant were placed in a low-condition, who were then told to be objective and not to consider, or empathize, with the injured student. APPLICATION PAPER 3 3 According to the Empathy-Altruism hypothesis, “people should have been motivated purely by altruistic concerns and helped regardless of the costs—if empathy was high” (Aro...
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