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Activity Assignment 4

My friend may have done it because she had personal

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Unformatted text preview: helps explain reasons why both people helped grab my keys. Both were motivated by empathy, and were concerned about my well- being. One of my friends was willing to volunteer to make sure that the other individual was being helped, and there needs were being accommodated to. My friend may have done it because she had personal ties with me, and wanted to help me out. She may have been motivated by the fact that we shared a common bond, or a relationship. Furthermore, she may have been motivated altruism or self- interest, or even future reciprocity. But I think what encouraged her to grab my keys right away was because she knew me. Despite the fact that she is an amazing woman who is willing to help others, I believe her motives were not purely altruistic. Instead, her motivations were to help me, an individual she knew personally. However, when the stranger grabbed my keys, there was a sense of hesitation. Despite her hesitation, she grabbed it for, what appeared...
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