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eg yu 2012 para 3 q all citations in the text are

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Unformatted text preview: name, 2) college. Double- spaced only. (APA, p. 23, 2.01,) BEGINNING BODY OF PAPER q༇ Title is centered at top of 1st page of the narrative of text in upper and lowercase. It is not bolded. (APA, p .23 and p. 41, Figure 2.1) q༇ Press the return key once and begin paper. This is no extra space between the title and the beginning of the paper. The introduction is not labeled. q༇ There are no extra return spaces between paragraphs or sections of the paper. APPLICATION PAPER 2 7 q༇ All works referenced or paraphrased are cited in manuscript. All material that is not my own and is not common knowledge is cited. Quoted content does not cite or quote other sources. I have only cited work that I have read. My citations are scholarly sou...
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