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Apa p 229 be sure to check word defaults to 125 q

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Unformatted text preview: age and that plagiarism will result in a failing grade. Student Signature: Date: FORMATTING THE PAPER (General Rules) q༇ Use 1” margin around the paper. (APA, p. 229) Be sure to check- - Word defaults to 1.25” q༇ Header is set at .5” and uses the same font as the body of the paper. q༇ Header includes the page number in the upper right corner on all pages, including the Title Page (APA, p. 41, Figure 2.1, p.229). q༇ Header includes the Running head in the upper left hand corner on all pages including the Title Page. q༇ Paper is left aligned and double- spaced throughout – including references. (APA, p. 229). q༇Font: Use 12 pt. Times New Roman, throughout. (APA, p. 228) q༇All paragraphs should be indented...
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