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Application Paper 3

Apa p 87 88 q acronyms on first appearance must be

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Unformatted text preview: by 0.5” (APA, p. 229) q༇Bullets are not used within the narrative. q༇Paper is written using clear, concise, direct Standard English. Avoid informal language/slang. Avoid language use designed to introduce bias or affect (e.g. avoid using the words very, always, unfortunately). (APA, p. 70- 77). q༇ Sentences have one topic. Paragraphs have one theme. Each paragraph should be longer than a single sentence, but no longer than one page. (APA, p. 87- 88) q༇ Acronyms, on first appearance, must be written completely and followed by parentheses. Use acronym after that, e.g. Azusa Pacific University (APU) (APA, p. 107, 4.23). Do not use periods (e.g. use APU, not A.P.U). (APA, p. 88, 4.02) q༇ Numbers less than 10 are written as words. Numbers 10+ are written as...
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