Application Paper 3

Ex a literature review on the topic abiden jones smith

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Unformatted text preview: rces. (Many websites are not scholarly sources! But online peer- review journal articles can be accepted.) q༇ Citations for paraphrased content list author(s) last name and date (separated by comma and single space) (Eck & Lambert, 2012). q༇ Citations for quoted content list author(s) last name, date, and page number(s), e.g. (Tsai & Cole, 2012, p. 333). Page number is abbreviated “p.” Electronic sources include a paragraph number and are abbreviated “para.”, e.g. (Yu, 2012, para. 3). q༇ All citations in the text are referenced in the References. All items in the References are included in the text. (APA, p.174, 6.11) q༇ The first time an article with two to five authors is cited all the authors’ last names are included. First names and initials are not used. After that, use et al....
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