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Finally a smoker can add a new cognition like stating

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Unformatted text preview: s of smoking. Finally, a smoker can add a new cognition, like stating that smoking is relaxing or reduces ones eating habits. This is APPLICATION PAPER 2 3 self-affirmation, which is “a person focuses on one or more of his or her good qualities to lessen the dissonant sting caused by doing something foolish” (Aronson, et al, 139). This example of smokers and their methods of either changing their habits or changing their cognition is a great example of Cognitive Dissonance Theory and an individual’s response by demonstrating the dissonance of a smoker, and a smoker’s multiple responses to reduce dissonance and discomfort. In relation to my life, I have definitely experienced dissonance, from small to large levels of dissonance, in which I responded by trying to reduce my dissonance through one of the three methods of reduction. One example of dissonance that I experienced at a smaller level occurred when I was hiking the Great Wall of China this past summer. The Great Wall of China required much physical effort from me, and so as I continued climbing, th...
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