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The more tired i became my desire to continue on my

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Unformatted text preview: e more tired I became. The more tired I became, my desire to continue on my hike decreased. My peers also discouraged me from continuing to hike the Wall. I was experiencing dissonance due to the fact that it felt like I would be wasting a great opportunity to hike the Great Wall. I made a decision to continue. To reduce the dissonance, I added a new cognition through self-affirmation by telling myself, “the pain was worth the opportunity to climb the Great Wall.” I minimized the discomfort I was feeling by adding a cognition that made my experience rewarding and satisfying. An example of dissonance I experienced on a larger scale occurred when I was living a lifestyle that did not match up the values of my Christian faith. As a pastor’s child, I grew up believing certain values that I eventually held as my own, developing my own cognition. As a Christian, I recognized that my lifestyle needed to match up with my faith. However, there was a period in my life where I lived a lifestyle involving drinking alcohol, smoking, and partying, which contradi...
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