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This created dissonance and discomfort in order to

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Unformatted text preview: cted my faith and my cognition. This created dissonance and discomfort. In order to reduce such dissonance, I attempted to change my cognition by believing that the lifestyle I APPLICATION PAPER 2 4 was living did not contradict my cognition. For a short period, it worked; however, dissonance began to develop and increase. I recognized that the dissonance I was experiencing was due to the fact that my behaviors and attitude did not match up with my faith cognition. Therefore, I made a decision to change my behavior so that my actions matched up with my cognition. Through this decision, I was able to reduce my dissonance, through changing my behavior. Reading on self-esteem and dissonance, I was read about the level of self-esteem determines the level of dissonance one experiences. The book says, “people with the highest selfesteem experience the most dissonance when they behave in ways that are contrary to their high opinion themselves, and they will work harder to reduce it than will those with average levels of sel...
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