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Unformatted text preview: rceive and evaluate the role they play, the transfers they lead, and the OAT office they work for? After processing the data, I have developed 5 categories with their sub categories: 1. The Nature and Identity of Transfer students a. Longing for a community b. Desire to function and develop understanding of norms and customs as an APU student 2. 3. 4. 5. c. Generalized ‘Nature’ of Transfer Students The function of Transfer Leaders in relation to Transfer Students a. Providing/sharing resources b. Providing community The functions of the OAT office in relation to Transfer Leaders a. Preparing/training the Transfer Leaders b. Facilitating meetings and community amongst transfer leaders Challenges of Transfer Leaders a. Marginalization—Alpha Program vs. Transfer Program b. Limitations Improvement of Transfer Program a. Shared current improvements b. Expressing desire to develop Category 1: A major, reoccurring theme that has been seen in all my data, primarily in my interviews, has been the emphasis of the nature identity of transfers and their needs and desires as new, incoming students. For my interviews, I interviewed two transfer leaders, one male and one female, who both transferred two APU the previous year. The third person I interviewed was an Alpha Coordinator, who had a general understanding of t...
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