Writing Assignment #3

Also it is clear that the oat office functions as a

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Unformatted text preview: g that’s coming up with school, like it there’s a dance or whatever. Or if they just want to hang out with other transfers and just relax a bit. We provide them that opportunity.” Throughout the data, there is an emphasis on the provision of not just answering questions and sharing resources, but there’s also an emphasis on providing community. Category 3: Throughout the discussion of needs of transfers and how the OAT office plays a role in meeting the needs of transfers, another consistent, reoccurring theme that existed in the data was the preparation and training of transfer leaders prior to their leadership role. Specifically, the two transfer leaders demonstrated the function of the OAT office in directing and leading the transfer leaders. It is from this theme that the transfer leaders have some kind of understanding of the role they will be playing as transfer leaders. An interesting part of exploring this specific theme is the application process to become a transfer leader. Both Joey and Holly shared an experience where they were encouraged by transfer leaders or the directors of the OAT office to apply. In Holly’s experience, her transfer leader encouraged her. In the interview,...
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