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They want friends they want the college experience if

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Unformatted text preview: he Transfer Leader Program. During the interview, I asked both transfer leaders, and the Alpha Coordinator, how they have seen the needs of transfers, through personal experience and through their observations of transfer students. Each interviewee indicated two needs and desires of transfer students: 1) a desire to function properly as an APU student and 2) a desire for a community. Holly expressed, “…[transfers] needs of just means of just needing to talk to somebody….And just being connected with other people, really, the most needs that I get from transfers…” During my interview, Joey emphasized the need for friendship and community stating, “And the needs of transfers, I think the biggest one is the friends. They want friends. They want the college experience. If there was one need if there was on that I guarantee it being met, it’ll be like, make sure these kids get the community, get the friendship.” Interviewing Abraham, not involved with Team Transfer, still recognized the need for a community; he further expressed that, “…[transfers] come to APU cause they want to be a part of this community…” Furthermore, each interviewee expressed a transfers desire to function properly as an APU student, and to understand the norms and...
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