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When asking abraham about transfer groups he shared

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Unformatted text preview: Holly shared, “I only remember talking to the [assistant director of OAT] only 2 or 3 times, and Macy, and they knew I was a transfer, and so they would always say, ‘you should apply to be a leader! Apply to be a leader!’” Furthermore, a theme involving preparation for Transfer Leaders involves the training that occurs several days prior to the arrival of students. The transfer leaders, in one year, went on a retreat to Big Bear, where they had an opportunity to get to know other leaders. During that time, they were provided with an itinerary that demonstrated the schedule of the orientation weekend. Both Holly and Joey shared how they went through training with other leaders on campus, and how they would go through different seminars and classes, where they had an opportunity to understand what it looks like to be a leader. Holly shared about her experience going to Imago Dei with all the leaders on campus, where the various leaders discussed the topic of diversity. It is clear through the data that the OAT office recognizes that Transfer Leaders need some form of training and preparation. Also, it is clear that the OAT office functions as a facilitator between the relationships of the...
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