Holly as she stares down at her phone while 243

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Unformatted text preview: ment [80]: Being hugged by rick Mikhael Cometa 10/21/13 8:30 AM Comment [81]: Jer. Telling me about surf ministry, inviting me to join him for summer; I say yes Mikhael Cometa 10/21/13 8:31 AM Comment [82]: Jer. Expressing gratitude for talking Mikhael Cometa 10/21/13 8:31 AM Comment [83]: People leaving to play volleyball Mikhael Cometa 10/21/13 8:31 AM Comment [84]: Standing alone 186 baggy shirt and holding a crushed water bottle in his hand. He is about 8 feet away 187 from the fire. Three girls approach him. One shorter, brunette- colored hair, girl, 188 Michelle, says, “I like your pants. They’re hilarious. Where do you get your clothes.” 189 Henry then says, “I go thrifting a lot in San Francisco. I don’t like to buy new clothes; 190 I go for weird clothes. Thanks.” He swiftly grabs his crushed water bottle, with his 191 shoulders out and his chest sticking out, takes a swig of water, barely placing the 192 bottle on his mouth. Then he places his hands to the side. He then began to hold his 193 pants up as if it were falling. He continues to say, “I love east court. Literally, we 194 have a small community. It’s not like other places. You don’t hear much about things 195 that go on in other areas.” Michelle and a shorter girl with blonde hair wearing 196 shorts and a sweater, simultaneously say, “yeah,” they nod. The blonde haired girl 197 giggles, placing her hands from her side to her stomach. Henry again brings his 198 water bottle up, a little higher than his head, tilts his head backwards, and continues 199 to pour water into his mouth, as the girls began to laugh. Michelle, without saying 200 anything, walks away from Henry, and towards a wall the on the right side of the 201 apartment. The two other girls quickly follow. The blonde haired girl pauses for a 202 second to whisper something to the other girl. The other girl lets out a slight laugh, 203 then continues to walk forward towards Michelle whose back is against a wall, with 204 one foot on the wall, leaning on it. The two girls are facing Michelle; they are not on 205 the wall. 206 207 She is away from the fire, closer to the front gate. They are having a conversation in 208 front of an apartment near the front gate. Holly is standing on...
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