I laugh and say youre 313 an hour late but im sure

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Unformatted text preview: began to enter from the gate, 228 Mikhael Cometa 10/21/13 8:40 AM Comment [99]: Holly telling me Stesve’s role in military Curtis, holding his waist as his arms are bent at a slight right angle, says, “Is Mikhael Cometa 10/21/13 9:05 AM Comment [102]: Curtis entering gate, walks towards us Mikhael Cometa 10/21/13 9:05 AM Comment [103]: Curtis embracing Holly Mikhael Cometa 10/21/13 9:06 AM Comment [104]: Steve apologizing for leaving, then leaves event Mikhael Cometa 10/21/13 9:06 AM Comment [105]: Curtis asking for pizza, Holly telling him no more Mikhael Cometa 10/21/13 9:07 AM Comment [106]: Curtis acknowledging his late arrival, then Holly saying there smores Mikhael Cometa 10/21/13 9:08 AM Comment [107]: Making marshmallows as Curtis and Holly talk Mikhael Cometa 10/21/13 9:08 AM Comment [108]: Holly and Curtis concentrating on other things other than conversation Mikhael Cometa 10/21/13 9:09 AM Comment [109]: Holly moving, is alone, looking at phone 248 my transfers. I’ll see you later.” She then brings her left arm over my shoulders, and 249 now we are standing next to each other, facing the same directions. She continues to 250 squeeze my shoulder, attempting to give me a hug from the side. She then walks 251 away with two others. She exits through the gate. 252 253 Conversations by the fire 254 255 256 way that his face is not in smoke, and that his marshmallow isn’t directly into the 257 flame. He is kneeling, eyeing the marshmallow. He does, however, look right several 258 times, and stares at the few girls also around the fire, with sticks in their hand, 259 heating up a marshmallow. A girl, Heather, who was having a conversation to the 260 left of Curtis walks to Curtis’ other side because to his right was the location of 261 Marshmallows, Graham Crackers, and Hershey’s Chocolate. She maneuvers around 262 Curtis, nearly hitting him, and stumbles past him. With a smirk on her face, she says, 263 “I’m sorry. Almost hit you.” Curtis still looking at the end of his stick, says, “no 264 reason to apologize.” She turns away from him after picking up some s’more items, 265 and stands about a foot from the fire, and to the right of Curtis. After placing the 266 marshmallow on the end of...
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