I walk up 287 to a man with bleach blonde long hair

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Unformatted text preview: f laughter, while Steve stood with 222 hands on his waist, saying, “HA! Thanks man. You know, three years of them telling 223 me that I couldn’t have a beard made me want to grow a beard.” 224 225 Final Conversations with Holly 226 227 us with black, thick- rimmed glasses, medium length hair parted to the right, skinny 230 jeans rolled above his ankles, in a white, blue flannel, named Curtis, walked up to us 231 smiling. He says, “Hello!” and then proceeds to lift his arms, and then embraces 232 Holly. Steve then says, “Sorry guys, I need to go homework. Thanks so much for the 233 food.” He walks towards the gate, arms forward and back bent. 234 235 there more pizza?” Holly, frowning only for a brief moment, says, “No more. You 236 should’ve come earlier.” Curtis, with a smile arms now folded, says, “That’s a 237 bummer. I definitely am late!” Holly smiles, and walks toward the fire, saying, “But 238 we do have a ton of chocolate and marshmallows to burn and to eat.” The two walk 239 ahead of me, as I am left behind trailing them towards the fire. As he struggles to 240 place a marshmallow on a stick He turns to Holly and says, “How are you doing?”. He 241 drops the marshmallow, but he bends over and reaches it. This time, he successfully 242 places the marshmallow onto the stick. Holly, as she stares down at her phone while 243 touching the screen of the phone, says, “I’m good. You?” Curtis, staring at the fire 244 with a stick in the fire, not looking at Holly says, “Good.” Holly proceeds to turn away 245 from the fire, and moves towards the direction of the gate. She is alone. Her head is 246 down as she types into her phone. She then looks up, places her phone in her purse 247 and walks towards me. She says, “Kel, I’m going to eat some pizza with a group of Mikhael Cometa 10/21/13 8:42 AM Comment [101]: Holly laughing, Steve telling me reason for growing beard and walk towards Holly, Steve and I. As he approached, a man, about 6’2 came up to 229 Mikhael Cometa 10/21/13 8:41 AM Comment [100]: Expressing gratitude for Steve’s service; then sharing friends experience after leaving military During our conversation, a tall and lanky figure...
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