Ive had opportunities to apply for different things

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Unformatted text preview: Jeff missing siblings Mikhael Cometa 10/20/13 9:24 PM Comment [41]: Jeff saying he is missing family, then Holly asking more questions about siblings Mikhael Cometa 10/20/13 9:25 PM Comment [42]: Jeff sharing stories about brothers hitting on girls Mikhael Cometa 10/20/13 9:25 PM Comment [43]: Holly laughing at Jeff’s story escalate into a faster, more upbeat pace, with more bass and more drums. Jeff begins 111 Mikhael Cometa 10/20/13 9:20 PM Comment [37]: Jeff responding to Holly with a hug 118 Holly then stares at the gate, and then scans the group of students, with her 119 cellphone in hand. She walks from her location near the fire pit, to the box of pizzas, 120 stating, and “I think I want a pizza.” She walks slowly; I walk on her right side. As she 121 walks, her eyes are scanning the group of students. We reach the pizza boxes, and 122 Holly grabs a slice of cheese pizza. I say, “Successful event?” She nods while chewing 123 the pizza. As I stand next to Holly, Vicky comes up to me saying, “Kel, How are you 124 doing?” I say, “Good. How are you?” Then she pauses, looks left, then looks me Mikhael Cometa 10/20/13 9:26 PM Comment [44]: Noticing a silence between conversation between the two Mikhael Cometa 10/20/13 9:27 PM Comment [45]: Music changing to upbeat music, Jeff begins to dance Mikhael Cometa 10/20/13 9:28 PM Comment [46]: Jeff dancing and moving around to different groups trying to get them to dance Mikhael Cometa 10/20/13 9:29 PM Comment [47]: Students responding to differently to Jeff Mikhael Cometa 10/20/13 9:29 PM Comment [48]: Holly saying He’s a good one” Mikhael Cometa 10/20/13 10:17 PM Comment [49]: Holly looking around different things, then getting pizza Mikhael Cometa 10/20/13 10:18 PM Comment [50]: Holly looking at students, then grabs pizza Mikhael Cometa 10/20/13 10:19 PM Comment [51]: Recognizing with Holly it’s a successful event 125 directly in the eye and says, “I’m good too.” I then say, “Are you sure you’re good?” 126 She tells me looking at the ground, “Not really.” Ashley, the girl carrying the fire pit, 127 comes up to me, not knowing what Vicky and I are talking about says, “Kel, can you 128 come with me to grab some sticks for the marshmallows. It’ll take 5 minutes. 129 Please?” I tell Vicky, “We can talk later.” I start heading towards the gate with Ashley 130 who, stops for a...
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