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Jeff begins 111 mikhael cometa 102013 920 pm comment

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Unformatted text preview: nt [36]: Holly surprising Jeff with a hug 94 but facing Jeff. He says, “How are you?” She says, “Good! How are you?” Jeff says, 95 “everything is good, but I’m busy with school. It’s been a tiring week. But good.” She 96 says, “Are you enjoying Bowles?” Jeff says, “I am.” She says while taking a step back, 97 “Are you missing your family?” Jeff says, taking a step to the side, away from the Comment [38]: Jeff and Holly asking each other “How are you?” 98 heat, “I do. I miss my siblings.” Holly says with a slight smile on her face and her 99 shoulders moving in, “awww, that’s really cute. So, how are your siblings? What do Mikhael Cometa 10/20/13 9:24 PM Comment [39]: Holly asking Jeff about Bowles, and Jeff says he’s enjoying it 100 you miss about them?” Jeff leans with his arms behind his back, swaying, and then 101 he says, “My brothers are hilarious! They’re always just pranking each other, trying 102 to get me involved. They would always tell me their attempts to pick up girls at the 103 club, or bar, or whatever, and try to talk to girls. They would always leave 104 disappointed. Then they’d tell me those stories.” Holly slightly chuckled at his story. 105 She then says, “That’s a funny story.” They stand silently facing each other for about 106 4 seconds. Both Holly and Jeff are looking around, eyes not on each other. 107 Abruptly, the music changes from reggae music to instrumental music 108 (upbeat, fast pace). Jeff takes a large step, and extends his foot towards the crowd 109 near the fire, quickly says to me, “Let’s get this party started!” The music begins to 110 to spin in a circle, waving his arms up and down, moving his body to the beat. He 112 strides away from Holly and away from the fire, and towards the people 113 surrounding the table with the pizza. He jumps up and down for about thirty 114 seconds, and yelling, “Let’s dance! Let’s dance!” Several people stare at him with 115 blank expressions, others are laughing, others do not respond to his dancing, but 116 continue their conversation. Holly says to me while looking around, “He’s a good 117 one.” Mikhael Cometa 10/20/13 9:21 PM Mikhael Cometa 10/20/13 9:24 PM Comment [40]: Holly asking about...
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