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Unformatted text preview: second, grabs my shoulder and says, “This is such a great event.” I 131 said, “You’re doing such a great job.” 132 133 Return from grabbing firewood: Conversations with Jake 134 135 I return to the apartment complex with firewood in my arms, and the group of 136 students that once was consolidated in a small area of the courtyard is now spread 137 out across the courtyard. There are about 5 students by the table, pockets of groups 138 of 2 or 3 people having conversations, and about 10 around the fire. I walk up to the 139 fire pit, passing the students having conversations, and place the firewood next to 140 the fire. After finishing this, a student, Jeremy walks up to me carrying an empty 141 mug and says, “I’m really enjoying this event. It’s cool to see people mingling with 142 people they don’t ever really talk to.” I nod. I asked him, “How is your APU 143 experience going so far?” He glances at the fire with mug in one hand, and says, “I’m 144 loving it here. I’ve had opportunities to apply for different things like a mission trip Comment [62]: Asking Jeremy about his APU experience 145 leader, like, I have two mentors, a d group, a —“ I say, “how’d you get 2 mentors?” 146 He looks at his mug, and then looks at me, and says smiling, “I applied for a mentor Mikhael Cometa 10/21/13 8:13 AM Comment [63]: Jeremy expressing that he loves APU 147 through the blueprints program. I also applied for a mentor through the Kern 148 program.” I say, “What’s Kern?” He says, “It’s a program to connect Ministry majors 149 who want to begin to pastor and want to help youth ministry majors. It’s pretty 150 awesome. Yesterday, I talked to my mentor for three hours! I didn’t think he would 151 be someone I could relate to since he’s 62, but honestly, he’s really cool. He’s a 152 Spanish pastor, and an interpreter at a law firm. He’s also famous in the Youth 153 Ministry world. He told me how much he loves youth ministry, and the only 154 downfall is that you get no sleep.” I say, “When do you get to meet with him?” I meet Mikhael Cometa 10/20/13 10:20 PM Comment [52]: Vicky asking how I’m doing, and I ask her the same Mikhael Cometa 10/20/13 10:20 PM Comment [53]: Vicky answering with a “not really” response Mikhael Cometa 10/20/13 10:21 PM Comment [54]: Ashley, the RA, requesting me...
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