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Unformatted text preview: to get smore supplies Mikhael Cometa 10/20/13 10:22 PM Comment [55]: Responding to Vicky that I had to go Mikhael Cometa 10/20/13 10:22 PM Comment [56]: Being affirmed as I leave to gather supplies Mikhael Cometa 10/21/13 8:09 AM Comment [57]: Returning to Event with supplies Mikhael Cometa 10/21/13 8:10 AM Comment [58]: Seeing the group spread out across lawn Mikhael Cometa 10/21/13 8:08 AM Comment [59]: Watching several groups of students on table and near fire talking Mikhael Cometa 10/21/13 8:09 AM Comment [60]: Walking past students, putting wood near fire Mikhael Cometa 10/21/13 8:12 AM Comment [61]: Jeremy approaching me with a positive statement about the event. Mikhael Cometa 10/21/13 8:13 AM Mikhael Cometa 10/21/13 8:14 AM Comment [64]: Jeremy getting involved in APU programs Mikhael Cometa 10/21/13 8:16 AM Comment [65]: Jeremy telling me how he got two mentors Mikhael Cometa 10/21/13 8:18 AM Comment [66]: Jer. Getting connected through Kern, a ministry program Mikhael Cometa 10/21/13 8:19 AM Comment [67]: Jer. Expressing how cool his mentor is, and how long they talk Mikhael Cometa 10/21/13 8:19 AM Comment [68]: Jer. Describing his mentor’s role in life 155 with him every Thursday.” His body is turned towards me, as he talks, he looks at 156 me in the eyes, and then looks away, then looks back. 157 158 do want to take advantage of the opportunities. I have a D Group, but I don’t feel as Comment [70]: Jer. Moving his body and eyes throughout our conversation 159 connected with them yet. I’m lovin’ it. I feel blessed.” During our conversation, about 160 5 students begin to walk towards the gate, leaving the courtyard. Matty walks up as Mikhael Cometa 10/21/13 8:23 AM Comment [71]: Jer. Loving his major, taking advantage of opportunities 161 Jake and I are talking, interrupts, and asks, “Do you want to go to the volleyball 162 court? There’s a group going. Let’s play. Kel, you should come to!” Jake positions the Mikhael Cometa 10/21/13 8:25 AM Comment [72]: Jer. Not connecting with D Group, but feeling blessed 163 mug into both of his hands, looks at me, then looks at Matty and says, “I think I’ll Mikhael Cometa 10/21/13 8:25 AM Comment [73]: Students leaving Bowles 164 play soon. I’m just going to finish my conversation with Kel, then I’ll join you.” As he 165 was saying this, a man with curly black hair, in a beanie and a jacket, named B...
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