They then come up to me and say we have a intramural

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Unformatted text preview: veral doors and windows open Mikhael Cometa 10/20/13 8:31 AM Comment [6]: Student yelling hello from second floor Mikhael Cometa 10/20/13 8:32 AM Comment [7]: Seeing two men and a woman carrying wood and fire pit Mikhael Cometa 10/20/13 8:32 AM Comment [8]: Holding gate open for the three people Mikhael Cometa 10/20/13 8:32 AM Comment [9]: Three students placing firepit and wood in center of courtyard Mikhael Cometa 10/20/13 8:36 AM Comment [10]: Walking towards firepit, finding table with smore food 32 The two men, John and Curtis, then begin to run around yelling some words 33 that I cannot understand. They then come up to me and say, “We have a intramural 34 football game! Get pumped!” As they were jumping and yelling down the courtyard, 35 a group of 7 people walk out of a room in front the table I was sitting at. It was a 36 group of 4 men and 3 women. 37 3 of the men walk straight to me. They are all directly in front of me, bunched 38 up. One of the men, Ralph said, “What’s up?” and, without an answer, immediately 39 to form their hands into a fist, and begin to gently hit my hand, which also 41 transformed into a fist. The two men then stand with the 3 women around the table, 42 looking at the pizza. One of the girls, Stacy, asked me, “Kel, can I have a slice?” Mikhael Cometa 10/20/13 8:37 AM Comment [12]: A group walking towards table transformed his hand into a fist, and hit my hand. And the two other men proceeded 40 Mikhael Cometa 10/20/13 8:37 AM Comment [11]: Two men yelling and jumping about a football game 43 During this our- bumping interaction and Stacy’s request for a pizza slice, 44 Ashley, and the two men yelling, were ripping up a notebook and throwing the 45 paper into a pile of broken pallet wood in the firepit, Ralph and I began to walk 46 towards the people making the fire, leaving the group of students near the table. 47 Near the front left of the apartment complex on the first floor, I notice 3 girls walk 48 out of their room, and walk towards the students around the table with the food, 49 which creates a crowd of about 10 students. 50 51 52 Mikhael Cometa 10/20/13 8:42 AM Comment [14]: Students admiring pizza, Stacy asking for slice The Start of the Event 53 Mikhael Cometa 10/20/13 8:41 AM Comment [13]: Three men walk walk u...
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