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To walk towards the fire i follow her a crowd of

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Unformatted text preview: still moving around, 77 “but I do have some of my transfers here. And I have some transfers walking over 78 from Alosta and the Village. I’m just looking for them.” I then say, “I hope there’s still 79 pizza left. Everyone is just eating everything up.” Holly giggles. She says looking me 80 in the eyes, with a smirk on her face, “At least there are some marshmallows to eat.” 81 I chuckle. She says, “Look! That guy by the fire is one of my transfers! His name is 82 Jeff” 83 84 Conversation between Holly and her transfer 85 surrounds the fire, standing in different groups. One group, in particular, is laughing 88 loudly; other students were standing alone. Three students, two boys and one girl, 89 are silently crouching on their feet, sticking a stick with a marshmallow into a fire. 90 Holly finds Jeff who is facing the fire, and his back is turned to us. She tiptoes 91 towards Jeff’s back, with a big smile, throws her arm over his shoulders, and says, 92 “hello Jeff!” Jeff turns around, extends his arms over her back, and squeezes tightly. 93 His eyes are closed and he is smiling. Holly maneuvers herself away from the flame, Mikhael Cometa 10/20/13 8:54 AM Comment [24]: Lauren expressing desire to Study Abroad Mikhael Cometa 10/20/13 8:59 AM Comment [25]: Holly looking at phone Mikhael Cometa 10/20/13 9:06 AM Comment [26]: Holly saying her chance to still apply, then Lauren leaving towards pizzas Mikhael Cometa 10/20/13 9:07 AM Comment [27]: Asking Holly if there are other transfers leaders Mikhael Cometa 10/20/13 9:07 AM Comment [28]: Holly responding say no, and there was another who set up, but left early Mikhael Cometa 10/20/13 9:10 PM Comment [29]: Holly talking but distracted Mikhael Cometa 10/20/13 9:11 PM Comment [30]: Holly waiting for transfers she invited to come to event Mikhael Cometa 10/20/13 9:16 PM Comment [31]: Talking to Holly about food at the event Mikhael Cometa 10/20/13 9:17 PM Comment [32]: Holly telling me that her transfer is at event Holly began to walk towards the fire. I follow her. A crowd of about 20 people 87 Mikhael Cometa 10/20/13 8:53 AM Comment [23]: Hugging Holly 86 Mikhael Cometa 10/20/13 8:53 AM Comment [22]: Finding Holly talking to another student, Lauren Mikhael Cometa 10/20/13 9:17 PM Comment [33]: Walking towards fire with a group surrounding fire Mikhael Cometa 10/20/13 9:18 PM Comment [34]: Identifying different groups: some laughing, some alone Mikhael Cometa 10/20/13 9:19 PM Comment [35]: Seeing several students making smores Mikhael Cometa 10/20/13 9:19 PM Comme...
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