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Categories and Relationships Paper

Each interviewee expressed that transfers do not have

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Unformatted text preview: and community stating, “And the needs of transfers, I think the biggest one is the friends. They want friends. They want the college experience. If there was one need if there was on that I guarantee it being met, it’ll be like, make sure these kids get the community, get the friendship.” Interviewing Abraham, not involved with Team Transfer, still recognized the need for a community; he further expressed that, “…[transfers] come to APU cause they want to be a part of this community…” Furthermore, each interviewee expressed a transfers desire to function properly as an APU student, and to understand the norms and customs of APU. Each interviewee shared that transfers want to understand basic aspects of APU life including: how to sign up for classes, how to develop academic disciplines, where to go to different, classes, etc. Each interviewee expressed that transfers do not have a clear understanding of how to properly function as a student. Through Holly’s experience as a transfer, she shared the difficulties of living on campus. She stated, “And another challenge was living on campus and trying to balance out how to like both be involved with classes and living with roommates, that was a challenge cause at community college, I lived at home….but here you live with two other people you just met.” Abraham expressed, “coming into college can be quite daunting, and in the fact that it’s a totally new system, and it’s hard to understand to work within that system.” Finally, all three interviewees provided a general description of transfer students. Abraham, Holly...
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