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Furthermore the data demonstrates that the oat office

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Unformatted text preview: specific function of the OAT office, specifically Team Transfer, and the nature of the office in accommodating to the needs of the transfer students. Through facilitating various events, activities, and personal interactions with transfer students, Team Transfer functions as a resource assisting transfers in their assimilation into a new environment. Joey specifically expressed the unknowing and naive nature of transfer students, and how the role of transfer leaders is to provide knowledge. In his interview, he listed a series of questions that he would ask transfers, asking “Do you have your mailbox set up? Did you go to the registrar yet? Do you have your classes? Do you know where to get your laundry card?...That’s where we pick up the slack, freeing them, the seasoned student perspective into a new student sort, of, rendition, of what’s going on.” The OAT Office appoints a leader to demonstrate the functions and nature of typical PPU student by demonstrating certain things, from the basic challenges (such as setting up a mailbox or understanding the layout of the school) to more complex challenges (such as signing up for classes). From Holly’s experience as a transfer, she expressed the various opportunities that her transfer leader shared with her, including employment opportunities and mission trips. On the aspect of community, Holly shares the role of Transfer Groups involves providing a community for incoming transfers. From her role as a transfer leader, she states, “We just keep them informed about anything big that’s coming up with school, like it there’s a dance or whatever. Or if they just wa...
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