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She then goes on to say if you try to work with

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Unformatted text preview: , and figuring out along with what it means to have community with diversity…So that was a little different, but I felt like it really helped me out. A lot.” Holly’s training experience provided her the tools and material to lead and facilitate a group of transfers. Furthermore, It is clear that the OAT office functions as a facilitator between the relationships of the Transfer Leaders. The OAT office coordinated events during training, which exclusively involved Team Transfer Leaders participation only. Furthermore, Holly discusses, during her first year as a Transfer Leader, the OAT office organized a retreat providing Transfer Leaders an opportunity to know each other on a more personal, intimate level. She says, “With last year, we went on a retreat to Big Bear, like an overnight trip. Like we hung out together…and that was more laid back, and less stressful.” Category 4: The fourth category that was a reoccurring theme in my research was the challenges of Transfer Leaders throughout their time leading. The first three categories involve an investigation on the nature of transfers and the functions of the OAT office. However, this fourth category is a crucial because my data demonstrates an examination of the Team Transfer Program from the perspective of transfer students, specifically, through feelings of marginalization, and through experiencing limitations in the program. In all the three interviews, every single person compared the Team Transfer Program and compared it to the Alpha Program. Basically, the data shows that Transfer Leaders feel marginalized because through their experience, they noticed that APU emphasized primarily on transition of freshmen students and those who would lead the freshmen students (Alpha Leaders). All interviewees recognized that during Orientation training, there was an emphasis on Alpha Leaders, and how they would not mention Transfer Leaders. In Joey’s experience during the training seminars, he talked about the speakers who would only reference Alpha Leaders. He said, “Other speakers, like res...
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